Building lists on Auto-Pilot. 



Build customer lists automatically, compliantly, and best of all profitably. Just using the WiFi that you're already giving away

List Building the Right Way

Are you guilty of the fishbowl technique?

Here's what I mean:

Putting out a fishbowl for business cards, then stacking them away in some dark corner swearing that you'll eventually get to them to grow your business.

The time, effort and money spent in the fishbowl technique is a well known "black hole" in many people's businesses. 

Instead of this outdated technique, why not leverage something that most people are currently just giving away? That resource is wi-fi.

The Mind of a Marketer router system allows our customers to utilize their free wi-fi to not only attract, but capture and retain loyal customers. What if you could tell who comes back to your restaurant, bakery, or even hair salon time and again? What if you could tell how long they stayed? What if you could reward the loyal customers to keep coming back?

Enter: MOAM list building routers.

Just install one of our devices in your business and watch it collect your customers for you. Each and every time someone signs into the wifi in your business, they're opting in to allowing you to send relevant and timely marketing offers to them.

Ice cream shop? Collect the list and every new flavour that gets released should come in with a bang.

Retail store? Announce your sales and specials and watch inventory fly off the shelf

Services? Remind people about the different offerings you've got - one at a time and watch your overall business and referrals grow.

Powered by: Mind of a Marketer 


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