Foot Traffic Solved.

Proximity Based, Radius Marketing

Drive Endless Local Traffic to your Business

Imagine being able to capture the attention, hearts and minds of people walking by your shop. If only you could take their attention long enough to see if your solutions fit their needs.

In today's media world its all about the attention economy

In 1980 the average attention span was 20 minutes

In 2000 it shortened to 12 seconds

In Today's reality its dropped to 8 seconds for the average adult.

A goldfish has a 9 second attention span.

People have gone sign blind. We're so used to seeing marketing in a sign form that we've literally gone blind to seeing signage due the sheer volume of it. Our minds now simply choose to ignore rather than attempt to capture the overwhelm.

The new medium that captures the most amount of attention in our current day society is the smartphone. So how do we capitalize on this? It's simple - put your signs on people's phones.

Our proximity marketing device has a 300ft / 100m range.

Anyone within the range holding an android phone gets a message of your choosing on their phone as a notification.

You get 40 characters and a secure URL that you can send them to.

For more information on our proximity marketing service - Book your no-commitment call with a consultant TODAY

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