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Saving Money on Transactions

With all of the new customers and traffic you'll be getting from the above marketing engines, it only makes sense to start looking at ways to save money in your business.

Many physical retailers have razor thin margins with which to make your business grow with, and this is a major reason you should be looking at all of your options.

Our payment processing arm genuinely wants to help small businesses to grow, and as such has the fairest pricing you've ever seen on merchant processing this side of the border.

With transparent cost+ processing, it's easy to see what you're paying in fees without paying anything extra on top. 

Our next day in bank policy allows people to take advantage of faster cash flow, and as such, our customers enjoy paying their vendors, staff wages, tips, etc sooner and save on interest charges for operating expenses. 

Last but not least our no-lease terminal policy ensures that you get top of the line equipment and stay compliant without breaking the bank. Why purchase or lease the machines when they go out of date? Just pay the warranty fees and get replacements as needed, and focus on running your business.

To top it all off - most companies that we serve save more money than we charge for the local marketing services. So you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Mitigate your costs by switching providers and have enough left over to reinvest into your own marketing and grow your customer base and business.

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