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Everything from online stores to physical brick and mortar locations need traffic. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s digital or physical - traffic is the first hurdle most people need to overcome in their business growth. 

SEO Explained in Plain English

Mind of a Marketer Presents:

Search Engine Optimization

Rank your website to the top of the list

with our done for you SEO services.

You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Just ask us for the words you want to be

known for in google and we do the rest.

What's Included?

Content writing? Check

Link building? Check

All using white hat “clean” methods? Check

Relevant AND local sources for links? Check

Name address and phone number propagation? Check

About our platform


Years of Experience

Our SEO model started in 2004, and it's survived all of the major updates because it's clean.



Lots of relevant and localized domains that help us get you to the top.


Position 1 Ranks

But who's keeping score?


Page one Positions

Oh that's right - we are :)

Our Services

We focus on 2 Main Offerings

Search Engine Optimization

Competitive Analysis

Why Choose MOAM?

Mind of a Marketer focuses on a simple two step system. Figure out what's working for your competition in the marketplace, and then crush them where they're weak.

We market by the numbers and it shows. Generate sales faster by setting the bar higher.

Case Studies and Proof of Work

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Eric A. 

As the President of an Internet marketing company I meet many people who think they truly understand "marketing". I can say that Earl is one of the few who not only understands Marketing, but is an innovator in this field. 

James Dean W.

I cannot say enough good things about Earl Flormata. Earl has a keen sense of business and what works well. Earl can cut through the fog and confusion and deliver effective, rapid solutions to almost any business challenge. Earl understands the power and difference between Seeing, Understanding and Doing. That is why Earl delivers high quality results that match your needs.

Christine T.

Earl Flormata offers us hope that there are other ways of marketing ourselves and our businesses, other than the traditional techniques. Earl inspires us to reach beyond what we know to what we can become financially. He is successful because he lives what he teaches. It has been a pleasure working with Earl Flormata!

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