Do you have a business?

A product to sell?

A cause?

A passion or hobby that

you want to connect more people to?



You could grow your audience

by just standing next to them?

What if you could put your offer anywhere and connect with anyone within 100m of where you put it?

Even if you could do that, are you guaranteed to make a sale, potential customer, or community member?

There’s three things that grow your business:

  • Increase your database
  • Increase your unit of sales or profit per unit
  • Increase frequency

I can personally help you with two of those three.

Want to increase sales/profits or improve your message/offer? 

I know businesses that will help you with that.

I’m always looking to expand and increase my network of successful and driven people.

Contact me today to see how we can help one another succeed and grow.

What We Do

Radius Marketing Solutions

Step 1: Attract Local Foot Traffic

Get people who are walking by your store to take notice. Put out great offers and get real engagement with locals within a stone's throw away. Get their attention right where it counts. 

Step 2: Make Awesome Offers

Now that you have their attention - make an irresistible offer that gets them to take action. Buy one get one. Free with purchase. Pick an amazing offer and make immediate sales.

Step 3: Add Beacon Technology

Deploy beacons to where you know your customers or potential community members will be. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the RANGE on these things? 

Using Bluetooth Technologies - we can transmit to devices as far away as 300 ft. (100 m)

How are you sending me these messages?

Using Bluetooth and Google Nearby technologies - we're able to send notifications to android phones. WeChat and iOS capability coming soon.

Who uses this Technology?

Typically we see retail and service businesses benefiting from everyday use. There are also B2B uses such as tradeshows and conferences as well. By now, the ideas are probably flowing! Contact us to find out how you can use it for your business.

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