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MOAM Content Roadmap

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See the structure of a multimillion dollar content roadmap 

with Earl Flormata

Content Roadmap

Course Details

Standard Operational Procedure for the Instant Expert System

Get the entire process on how to run an instant expert program start to finish in a trello board you can copy for your own usage.

Samples of Content

Scripts, Videos, and Article samples of what instant expert looks like. See all of the work needed to put together your own instant expert - using our own in house sample files.

Sitemap - For Building your own Dictionary Campaign

Complete List - All of the tools you need to create an instant expert campaign, a dictionary campaign, and a 365 campaign.

Introductions - Intros to all of the vendors we utilize so you can hire them directly.

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Content Marketing

3 Secrets to Success

This video describes how to use content marketing to stand apart from your competition in a crowded industry, how to build content and how to be recognized as an expert in your field. Earl Flormata demonstrates how to conquer the internet in your market by creating the right types of content to attract your dream clients. He covers 3 proven methods of content marketing that will help position you and your business as the best of the best in your market. You’ll learn the “Instant Expert” model and become a recognized expert in your field, the “Dictionary method” to further cement your expertise in any sector and the “365 method” to create a social media marketing plan and get your marketing leagues ahead of everyone else in your space.

Speaker’s bio

Earl Flormata is one of the most sought after digital marketing and sales consultants in Vancouver. He is famous for ranking business and people on Google and has sold over 70 million dollars’ worth of products and services both on and offline. Capable of everything from managerial status to running the entire gauntlet himself, Earl can move mountains in marketing. Everything from content marketing, authority site building, presentation design and creation, script writing, video creation, marketing and process automation, voiceover work or pitching from a stage to deliver your message - he's a one man Marketing army.

Speaker’s contact

Visit Earl online at mindofamarketer.net

Vancouver Business Network

This talk was given at the Vancouver Business Network Meetup on March 19, 2019. Vancouver Business Network holds a Meetup every Tuesday evening in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At this Meetup an expert delivers a one-hour workshop on a topic that is relevant to entrepreneurs. This workshop is recorded and made available on this channel to support entrepreneurs build better businesses. Check out Vancouver Business Network at https://www.meetup.com/the-vancouver-business-network/

Earl is a not just a marketing master. He is genuinely passionate about networking and helping others. If you are serious about self-development and digital marketing, Earl would be among your best bet.

Huy Pham - Digital Marketing Manager at Teal Ninja

Earl has many great, outside-of-the-box ideas that can seriously help firms with their digital marketing endeavours. Earl is articulate, passionate and has all-around great energy 

Sebastien DiMichele - Director of Public Relations and Co-Founder Blockchain Foundry Inc.

Earl is a master marketer, social and business connector, great speaker. I would highly recommend him as someone to work with.

Sonali Giovino - Business Dev / Advocate of Innovative Tech

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