Who We Are

We're passionate about helping small to medium business grow their marketing.

Adding a little "TLC" Traffic - List Building - Conversion to your marketing endeavours

At Mind of a Marketer we believe that marketing technology and techniques should be accessible to businesses both large and small. We bridge the divide from traditional marketing to digital to allow companies of all shapes and sizes get more efficient with their marketing.

Here’s the gang at Mind of a Marketer

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The Core Team

The folks that make the day to day happen
on team Mind of a Marketer

Earl Flormata

Founder, CEO

Known as one of the premier marketing consultants in the Greater Vancouver Region, Earl has consulted for various fortune 500 companies in their marketing needs from around the world. With over 70 million dollars of sales under his belt, you can rely on his deep technical and psychological marketing knowledge to get ahead of your competitors.

John Reel

Chief Technical Officer

John is a software designer and Internet entrepreneur who founded the first PHP development and hosting company and created several major Internet software categories, including the first PHP affiliate program, shopping cart, and database-driven content management system, and branded link analytics.

Danny Ngo

Sales Director

Top sales agent at every firm he's had a hand in - Danny joins Mind of a Marketer to run channel sales and JV (joint venture) training.

Excited at the opportunity to make a difference in the company Danny brings the energy required to make corporate sales fly for our projects.

Farris Jornales

Customer Service

Market research, SEO Auditing, and assisting customers with their needs is Farris' forte. 

Farris handles incoming requests and sets up everything from routers to CAPS and more. Manager of our overseas team - she makes sure the job gets done and the customers are happy :)


The folks behind the scenes that make it all possible.

Jordon Rowse

Human Resources

Jordon Rowse, M.Sc attained his Masters in Management Science From SKEMA (Europe’s Largest Business School) in 2010. He has over a decade of top level international sales, marketing, and business development experience. This experience permits him to bring a global prospective to the table with an analytical approach to selling processes finding the right talent for our team.

Blair Dunkley

Growth Strategist

Through his ground breaking work in communications and linguistics, Blair has helped multiple businesses increase growth, revenue and retention by great factors. One of Earl’s mentors in the sales field – he caused Earl to jump from 300k in sales to 1.2 Million, followed by 28 million the following year.

In short not only is Blair a profiler, he understands how to effectively change people from a stuck state to a state of action. To effectively demonstrate the power of this, Blair moved a 1 million dollar a year company to 27 million a year. He effectively trained a tax shelter salesman to selling 100,000 dollars worth of tax shelters to over 2 million dollars worth of tax shelters within the span of a year.

James Dean Waryk


James Dean Waryk has been a business man for 40 years.

James owns and operates several consulting businesses and is a Senior Consultant to many business Clients.

He is also an Angel Investor and Fund Raiser.

James is a Professional Speaker and Presenter.

Vince Schembri


Managing 100 corporate clients, Vince brings a ton of experience and business connections to the table. Keeping the business structures, books, and funding in all of the right spots to help our team expand, and stay compliant is an important part of the battle. 

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