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Mind of a Marketer is a Local Marketing company that specializes in

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Our core product ecosystem revolves around simplifying marketing in general.


List building


And Finally the handoff to Sales

Bridging the Digital Divide

There's been a divide lately between traditional and digital marketing disciplines without much regard in how to harmonize the two. 

The traditional marketers pride themselves in being local, providing signage and ways to let foot traffic and walk ins better understand what each business has to offer.

The digital marketers pride themselves in their ability to better test and measure what's working and what's not working. 

Our concept is simple - why not be able to do both? Satisfy the need for local traffic and marketing while allowing testing and measuring all at once. For more deeper details, click on the services menu of our site and select which offering you'd like to hear more about.

Local Traffic

Instead of using the regular methods of traffic buying (SEO, SEM, SMM) we figured out a unique way to drive hyper local traffic straight to your door step. It's not that the old methods are bad (we still use them ourselves) but there's a neat way to bring people in from a stone's throw away. (100m, 300ft)

List Building

It's been proven time and again that marketing to pre-existing clients is much less costly than trying to keep finding new ones. Well you can't do that without a list. We show you a super-easy, automated, CASL compliant method to do this at your local business.


Once you get the traffic - you need it to take action! We can help with that on the back end - showing you best practices, and implementing them for your business. Get the clicks to convert and watch your profits soar!


The last step of the process is to get customers to pay - without paying too much yourself in billing fees. We're all about helping small businesses succeed - so we have the best rates, and best service in town. Get a quote on your processing today.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) is the service of getting your website to be ranked higher in Google Searches, so your potential customers can find your business online. This increases the traffic of potential customers to your website. Think of this as a match making service where we enable the person searching for you to find you easily.  

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the service of ensuring your company or personal brand is protected from negative comments or search results. We create a ton of great content in your niche, alongside registering great profiles so people can learn more about what you'd like them to see about you and your brand. 


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